Hide and seek snack

How to stop your floor being covered in food

How to stop your floor being covered in food

image image

George’s current favourite trick is to post any object small enough through the cat flap (it is a disused cat flap left over from the previous owners) but is now a fully (disinfected) functioning play time game. When my phone has disappeared it is the first place I look and every evening we have to open the door to retrieve the posted items. We have transferred his love of posting into snack time with this Nuby snack keeper. It’s fantastic, I fill it with for example fruit or breadsticks and he will have a dip when he is hungry, have a bite of his snack and put the remainder back into the jaws of the monster, then shake the thing around like a rattle which apparently is hilariously funny. The plus for me is I have cleaner rugs at home and I can give this to him in his pushchair whilst I’m out and about and it entertains him and he can get what he needs when he needs it giving him some independence. It’s RRP is £3.99 from Mothercare. Highly recommended.


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