A none rainy day = swings

Woke up this morning to the real October – cold and crisp – my favourite time of year. I love the autumnal colours, the fact you can see your breath outside, I can finally wear my comfy winter boots but most of all a real fire. I contemplated lighting one today but realised that I still have yet to buy a fire guard, another purchase to add to the ever growing list!

As Autumn gets into full swing it has made me think about what George and I can get up to in the coming months…I need to invest in some little wellies for puddle jumping and that’s a definite.

One of my favourite pastimes when I was younger was collecting conkers for school playground games, and I thought you can never be too young to start. I plan to take George for a rummage in the crackly leaves in the hunt for the glossy brown balls, the collected conkers can go into a big tin to create George’s ideal toy – one that makes the most noise possible!

For us, none rainy days = swings. George is an outside child who loves nothing more than climbing up and over everything possible so we can spend a good couple of hours at the park when we are there. I’m not complaining as I must burn a good amount of calories running from the swings to the slide to the climbing frame – who needs a gym membership when you have a one year old!



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