Sleep – where has it gone?

One of those questions you get asked all the time “is he sleeping through” my current response is NO, with a massive sigh. We used to be able to get a straight eight hours from George and then after a quick resettle a few more. Not any more. In a true test of boundaries George is standing up and screaming in his cot earlier and earlier into the night. Usually starting just when we have snuggled down under the covers and thought – bliss, time for sleep. And over the past two months in a bid to claw back a few of those precious sleeping hours George has unceremoniously been dumped in our bed, stretching out and instantly falling asleep with a grin plastered all over his face. Someone knows how to play their mummy and daddy.

We have tried the crying technique but all that does is make him hysterical, cough and splutter and when we go in to reassure him his face is literally covered in snot. After three nights he somehow managed to reclaim his centre spot in our bed.

To me sleeping training is like a diet, you know the methodology and the do’s and don’ts but for me, eating a celery stick as a snack is just Not satisfying. Neither is leaving my child to cry for two hours in the middle of the night no matter how amazing the end goal is.

So what next? Since George likes to snuggle and sleeps fantastically in our bed we have been to buy him a little duvet, a pillow and a new cuddly teddy bear in the hope these items make his cot the place to be from 7pm-7am



Night one (last night) – he must have had a tummy bug as was sick three times. Excellent. The joys of parenthood!!


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