Ella’s Kitchen – a Mummy’s answer to satisfy the monkey’s tummy


George was introduced to solid food at four months old, so for the past ten months we have been building up our repertoire of meals and snacks (sometimes an impossible task when everything gets spat back out or the lips get pursed so you can’t even push the spoon in). The health experts in Britain are pushing the five a day, so I’m constantly throwing in extra fruit and veg into everything I prepare to try and get that sought after well balanced diet. What has been my crutch since day one is the Ella’s kitchen organic food range. Ella’s kitchen has well thought out, well balanced, tasty food for each stage of weaning. The packets are so easy to transport and my nappy bag has never been without some brightly coloured packet of theirs.

I was recently asked to review several of their products including a 1+ pork stew meal (RRP £2.19) the Raisin and spelt cookies (RRP £1.79) carrot and lentil sticks (RRP £1.99), Tomatoes and fennel seed cracker bites (RRP £1.99 for four packs) and raspberry and banana multigrain nibbles (RRP £1.99).  Over the past week we have both been putting our taste buds to the test and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


I enjoy cooking George food but am also aware that I am out and about a lot and also work, sometimes the freezer is bare or we are out for the whole day and need to take food for George with us. For me one of the Ella’s kitchen 1+ meals is the answer! You can bung in the microwave for a minute (most cafés and restaurants will happily oblige if their health and safety regs allow) and you can serve it in the dish you buy it in. It gets gobbled down and I’m happy George is getting something decent. Equally when we do our weekly food shop or after swimming I give George a pack of the cookies or nibbles as a snack, it’s keeps him occupied for a good while – Ella’s kitchen is just so practical and allows me the flexibility to concentrate on having fun with George or carrying out the more mundane day to day activites.

Georges favourites are the multigrain nibbles – yum yum!!




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