1000 miles


The past week has put our nursery rhyme knowledge (and singing harmonies) to the ultimate test as we have clocked up nearly 1000 miles in the car. Whilst I’ve been singing old macdonald, Dan has been providing the animal sound effects – I have to say I enjoyed choosing the weirdest animals I could think of to see what sound he would produce! Who knew a hyena had a bark and a dolphin sounded like a horse!

We have driven to Belgium for a five day stint and then had a ‘relaxing’ break in the Cotswolds on the way back, spending three days with a bunch of my school friends and two other gorgeous bambinos.


Between visiting the Zoo, going swimming, and stealing other childrens toys we tired George out enough that he has been zonked for the past couple of days! Hooray! And of course there was Halloween, my sister bought George a little glow in the dark skeleton outfit to wear – obviously us mature grown ups had to keep on turning out the lights to see him glow up much to the disgust of the three bambinos.


This week it’s time to think about the Christmas shopping still outstanding and the fact building work (a four month project, yikes) starts on my house tomorrow. That will help with the daytime naps!



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