A Yummy Mummy

Does anyone else feel that now there is a child on the scene they have become known as, in my case, ‘Georges’s mummy’? This title is something I am crazily proud to be, however, I am my own person too. I think I have forgotten this along the way – instead focusing on the constant nappy changes, baby food preparation, fresh air time, play time, bath time etc. Again I am not complaining BUT it’s time for me to start looking after myself again. I need to stop throwing up my hair and rushing out the house. The make up needs to come out, I will invest in some new clothes that actually fit my new body shape rather than making do with whatever size I have in the wardrobe, remnants from when I was a size 12 pre pregnancy and a size 18 post pregnancy. I’m going to promise myself little luxuries when Dan (the husband) is here to take charge, which means long baths reading a loved trashy novel, maybe a little exercise (or am I going to far there??!!). Who says you can’t be a mixture of the two and become the yummy mummy!



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