About me

I am 29 years old and live in Sheffield with my husband and one year old son. I am a police officer for 30 hours a week and a mummy for 168 hours a week, two equally challenging roles that test the good old emotions to the max.
 But me in a nutshell – I am the ultimate home bird, I love trawling local antique shops and buying furniture to paint up, my most recent purchase was an Edwardian wooden cupboard which is now a bright blue distressed tv stand with spotty knobs. Knobs which George’s loves to pull on, before opening the cupboard door and turning off the BT vision box, always greatly appreciated when I’m trying to watch location, location, location.  Whilst on maternity leave I turned into a lady that lunches, a habit I cannot give up – those afternoon teas are just too addictive, and naturally us girls need a good comfy spot to catch up on the latest gossip!!
 I always love having a project on the go, in the past I’ve been lucky enough to have planned a holiday to Australia, researched the housing market and bought a house (got to love rightmove and having a good nosy at other peoples houses), planned my wedding, planned for George’s arrival…….and then all the big things were done and there are only so many hours you can fill looking at clothes websites and getting the celeb updates from dailymail femail and then I thought of blogging. Blogging can be my new, very personal, project….let’s see how it goes!!!

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