A snapshot of George

George, what can I say – I’m not sure if it’s just me, but every George I have ever one across is incredibly cheeky, full of character and sometimes verging on the naughty – well mine is living up to his namesake already.

George was due on 20 August, but taking after his dad from an early age he needing a big round of encouragement to move from his seemingly comfortable location, and was eventually born on 3 September. A ridiculously painful experience that funnily enough my brain has slowly erased and I’m actually planning on doing it all over again.

George is constantly on the go, I had it in my head that by the time he reached one he would be active, so in that respect I was spot on, however I also thought he would tire himself out and therefore have at least one lovely long nap in the day allowing me, his run ragged mummy a well deserved luxurious hour to do what I wished……heaven. Well that day dream was quickly squashed!! Having said that George will happily amuse himself with his toys, loves belly laughing at peek-a-boo and when you hurt yourself (I’m not sure how this one came about). He has developed a love of water having been in swimming lessons since he was six weeks old he doesn’t fear the water and thoroughly enjoys emptying the bath water onto the bathroom floor.

I’m looking forward to watching him develop as time goes on, wondering how often we are going to have to kit him out with new shoes for his ever growing feet and waiting in eagar anticipation for that day when he actually wants to watch a bit of tele and we can curl up on the sofa and watch Disneys The Lion King…best film ever!!

we will keep you posted




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